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SCAQMD Chair Appalled at Asm Muratsuchi's Lack of Leadership

SCAQMD Refinery Hearing (Harbor Gateway, Jan 20,2018)

The Hearing Board and SCAQMD Chairman William Burke heard from Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, from AQMD staff and took public comment on Proposed Rule 1410 to Ban Modified Hydrogen Fluoride (MHF) at PBF Corp. Refinery in Torrance, and at Valero Refinery in Wilmington.

As Assemblymember I will push for a Ban of MHF at the Torrance Refinery. I testified to the Hearing Board that was my position and provided a written statement for the record as well.

The AQMD and the SoBay community has been forced to deal with a long series of public meetings regarding the potential ban of MHF since a Consent Decree to ban MHF in 1990 was overturned by the courts. The City then failed to follow up, and our State representatives have failed as well. Then, in February 2015 we had an explosion at the Torrance Refinery, and the refinery was allowed to re-start despite the fact that the SCAQMD's own report states that PBF Corp. is unable to adequately contain an MHF spill which could kill thousands of people in the South Bay if it occurs.

In his closing statement, Chairman Burke criticized Assemblymember Muratsuchi because Al has tabled his own bill in committee that would handle this in a much simpler process of getting his own bill, AB1645, through the Assembly Committee on which he sits.

Al made a campaign promise to Ban MHF based on decades long analysis, and now he's torn on what to do, so he gave up responsibility to AQMD. Why does he want to be our representative if he doesn't want to represent us?

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